4.14.01 (saturday)

And I thought the week wouldn't get any weirder.

I came home friday night, retrieved my mail, and found a rather large package from photoworks. Normally, I send them film, they develop the film and e-mail me the pictures, and eventually send me the actual prints.
The last roll I sent, I received the digital images, but it had been two months, and no prints. So I e-mailed them, and they said they'd make prints form the digital images and send those to me.
In the meantime, the actual prints did finally arrive, and shortly after the replacement prints.

But yesterday, not only did I recieve another set of replacement prints, but photos belonging to someone looks like they had fun on their vacation.

In honor of todays photo related theme, I'm now going to post some pictures that I had promised earlier in the week:

the cat, the cat, the cat, plant i've had for a while and it's still alive, ivy given to me by B, view of 1st street from the back porch, view of the sky from the back porch, old galsses, new glasses

4.13.01 (friday)

Happy Birthday Mum!
I read today that being born on friday the 13th makes today your lucky day. So, Mum, I hope something "lucky" happens to you today.

If we all get 15 minutes of fame, I'm still due 14 and a half minutes. What am I talking about?
I was on the news last night. Yes, really. For about 30 seconds.

Last night, walking home from Peggy Sue's, a woman holding a microphone and a woman holding a large camera were walking towards us. The one with the microphone said it would really help her story if we answered a few questions (B backed away, not wanting to be on tv). But I, being the pushover that I am, stood there and let them point the camera at me and told the reporter how I felt about this story.

Later that night on the 11 o'clock news, they showed about 30 seconds of me answering one of the questions the reporter had asked me. I didn't even watch it, but B did, so he told me about it.
Little did I know, they showed it again this morning, and my boss happened to catch it. I've been enduring "tv star" jokes all day.

Let's just say it's been a weird week, and I'm really glad it's friday.

4.10.01 (tuesday)

I'm about to reveal my true geekiness.
I went to the Embedded Systems Conference today to see Douglas Adams talk about technology. He was of course, hilarious and I'm oh so glad that I went. I was even fortunate enough to get the chance to shake his hand! (Thanks Snake!)

Today was perfect not only because I listened to a very funny englishman talk about techie stuff, I had the pleasure of eating lunch at Plouf with my Mum. Plouf has the best seafood ever. Actually, they have the best mussels ever, but I'm allergic to I enjoyed the best salmon ever. Their other claim to fame would be the best pommes frites (aka french fries) ever.

And as if the day coudn't get any better, Mum and I went shopping and she was kind enough to buy me a lovely pair of summery, sandaly, flip floppy shoes. I really must send her a "thank you" note.

The weather was lovely in San Francisco today. AND since my company was exibiting at the Embedded Systems Conference, I was able to take this mid week excursion without wasting a valuable vacation day. Yay!

If only the rest of this week goes this well...

4.9.01 (monday)

Someone else actually reads this thing!
Thanks peta.

I took a bunch of silly little pictures with the pencam this weekend. Stay tuned for pointless pictures of kitties, some plants and a glasses comparison.
Fun fun fun!

I found out this weekend that the roma tomato plant is not actually a roma tomato plant, but just your run of the mill tomato plant. This doesn't make me any less excited about the prospect of my own small tomato harvest, I just wanted to correct myself.

It's going to be my birthday soon, so I've added a few things to the wish list. I can't figure out why it's ended up consisting mostly of dishes.

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