8.18.01 (saturday)

Happy Birthday WonderWoman!

Today is WonderWoman's birthday. We're going to a Giant's vs. Braves games to celebrate. She likes the Braves for some reason. I think last time I asked her it was because "they have the cutest boys". I SUPPOSE that's a good enough reason to root for a team in Atlanta.

After the game, I'll be heading down to the beach for almost a whole week. I even bought a tennis racket for the occassion (I don't think one would normally bring a tennis racket to the beach, but the place we're staying at has tennis courts). I've probably packed way to many things, but the weather at the beach can be unpredictable, and I'd like to be prepared. I've also packed 2 cameras, so I should have plenty of interesting photos when I return. Check back Thursday or Friday of next week.

8.16.01 (thursday)

gargoyle If I had to pick a word to describe the last couple of days, the first one that comes to mind is 'terrible'. 'Horrible' would be another accurate description. I won't go in to the gory details, but I think the worst is over with now. At least I hope it is.

I am consoled by the fact that tomorrow is another day, and that day happens to be Friday. And after Friday, asuuming I can last the whole day, I am on vacation for a whole week. AND I get to go to a Giants game.

8.14.01 (tuesday night)

I got rid of the "quick" section. I've grown tired of updating it. It's hard enough to update just this section on a mostly regular basis. If you really care to know what I'm listening to, watching, or have eaten, you can just ask me. In the grand scheme of things, it's all pretty unimportant.

Speaking of unimportant...just before I updated I was searching for a pen. Not just any pen, mind you. My lovely, silver sheaffer ball point pen. I bought it for myself a few years ago. The purchase was most likely justified by the fact that I had earned a promotion or a raise. I don't normally go out and spend $20 on a pen. It's been missing since I moved. I'm hoping it's hidden away in a box somewhere, and that I didn't absent mindedly throw it out. Then I'd be really disapointed, as opposed to the slight annoyance at not being able to find it.

8.14.01 (tuesday)

I don't feel like making pop-up windows today.

yes, there really is an ugly green chair:

8.13.01 (monday)

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