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8.31.01 (FRIDAY)

Pete Yorn rocks.
He played at music in the park last night.
Why does he rock? The man looks like a rockstar. Even if you didn't see him on stage playing a guitar, you'd think he was a rockstar. As an added bonus he can actually sing and play guitar. His new album is pretty darn good. Not a bad song on it. But last night, Pete Yorn did something that made me truly believe he rocks. He covered a Smiths song. And I was ever so glad that I was there to hear it.

music in the park

8.29.01 (wednesday)

I have newish hair.

My rockabilly hair stylist cut it last friday, but I've failed to mention it 'til today. It actually has some sort of style to it now, as opposed to the redish blond mop that it was before. I'm still getting used to it.

new hair

8.28.01 (tuesday)

tuxApparently San Jose is not the only city to have painted fiberglass animals adorning its streets. The city of Fullerton has sheep! (Thanks to Tricia for letting me know about the sheep.)

Yesterday I went to San Francisco to set up for a show. While there, A and I decided we needed a giant Hard Hat Tux hanging above our cubicles. Not the we use Linux or anything, we just thought it'd be nice to have something interesting suspended from the ceiling. We've tried helium ballons, but their lifespan is short. We did manage to keep her Hello Kitty helium balloon alive for about 2 weeks after her birthday. The only problem I foresee is that our building lacks the ceiling room that the Moscone center provided for Tux to hang about.

8.26.01 (sunday)

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets of San Jose...sharks attack! No, not these sharks. They're painted fiberglass sharks on display all over downtown. Why sharks? I would guess our hockey team provided some of the inspiration for this little project. But it's also along the same lines as cow parade (but on a much smaller scale).

Personally, I like cow parade best. Partially because I favor cows more than sharks. Don't get me wrong, the sharks are pretty cool. But the cows seem to be a much better canvas for art. I mean, how can you not love the afro cow?

afro cow

I just can't see someone putting an afro on a shark. It works SO much better on a cow. And besides, the shark doesn't have any feet for the oh so essential platform shoes.

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