2.16.01 (FRIDAY)
I hate catching spelling and grammatical errors a day after I've made an entry. grr.

I'm thinking I may redesign the 'ol chair again. The joys of dreamweaver may make that possible in no time at all. I suppose there's something to be said for typing out all the HTML myself, but I think I'm over that now.

2.15.01 (thursday)
I think that It must annoy my friends and family that I have this tendency to point out fonts wherever we are. I find familiar typefaces on billboards, packaging, ads, menus, etc. One of my favorite restaurants E and O Trading Co., uses myriad tilt (one of my personal favorites) on their cocktail menu. And just yesterday, while perusing the Restoration Hardware catalog, I noticed they have a product, Kinder Gardener, that uses the same typeface for its packaging.
I guess it goes along with the job. Typefaces can make or break a design in some cases, so I've become familiar with all too many of them. Maybe someday, somewhere, someone will see something I've designed and point out "Hey! Someone used zipty do in that (insert graphically deisgned item here)!"

Valentine's Day 2001 (wednesday)
Today is a Hallmark holiday. I personally don't like to buy into this sort of thing, but I bought some gifts anyways.
I was going to rant and rave about why today is so inane, but I'll spare you. If you want to read a good rant about Valentine's Day, click here.

2.12.01 (monday)

A well-balanced face is more attractive than an unbalanced face.  Keeping symmetry is important for finding a mate and making more humans.  Like all living organisms, the human race’s highest priority is to continue the species.  So those with a well-balanced body are better suited to find a "high-quality" mate than those who do not.

--The International Long Hair Club

Am I the only one that finds the above quote a bit strange?
I found it while looking up "how to grow out bangs" on google. It's pilfered from a section explaining why bangs tend to grow faster then the rest of your hair. Out of context it sounds pretty strange. Heck, it sounded strange with the rest of the article too.

2.11.01 (sunday)
I'm going to need a new car soon. If I could have ANY car in the world right now, I'd want one of these. I have a thing for small european cars, but the realist in me knows that the closest i'll come is probably a volkswagen, and that's okay.

"I want to eat sugar!"
-overheard at lunch today by a small child at a nearby table.
We have to assume his parents were okay with this, because eventually tiny packets of sugar were gleefully ripped open and eaten. Someone should tell this kid about pixy stix.

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