President's Day 2001
This is how blue the sky was a few weekends ago. Absolutley gorgeous.

Today, it's raining (which is not a bad thing) and I'm working (most other people are not).

2.18.01 (sunday)
I keep having junior high flash backs...

A couple of weekends ago, at the local pub, I swear I saw the girl who had her locker above me when I was in 7th grade (she must have been in 8th, because only 8th graders got top lockers). She had this amazingly curly hair, and I'm 99% sure it was her.

And then there was the Jane magazine thing this weekend. They have this feature called "blind date". Guys and gals send in their pictures, a short description, and Jane pairs them up for a blind date. So as I'm flipping through the magazine, I get to the blind date section, read it, and think nothing of it except that the guys name sounds familiar. About 20 minutes later, I go back to that section, give the pictures a closer look, and it turns out to be this guy I went to Junior high with in 7th grade. He ended up leaving the state after junior high, so I never heard anything about him again. Apparently he's an artist, plays in a band and now lives in Dallas, TX!

Other notable Sunday thing:
Had dinner with Brad and Liz at Falafel Drive-In. Liz was talking about the Sims...I may have to invest in a copy for my PC at home.

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