3.2.01 (friday)
E-mail Upwords is really starting to bug me. I usually play a game or two a week with My Favorite Cousin. And, see, the thing is, I'm getting my ass kicked, and I can't figure out why. I'd like to think that I have a fairly decent vocabulary, and a large amount of the outcome is dependent on the letters I draw. BUT, I think it has something to do with the fact that the game uses a dictionary FROM ANOTHER PLANET.
I swear MFC is making up words, and the game gives you the option to "challenge" the last word played. I always look up one of these "words" using Miriam Webster, and if it's not there, I hit the 'ol challenge button. More times than not, I get this reply, "No illegal words were found." ARGH. And of course, when I try and create a word, they're always "illegal". And I think this is the reason I've won ONE game out of I don't know how many.
I'll admit, I'm getting pretty good at losing. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to. And if the words MFC is creating really are "words", I'll have to start writing them down so I'll have a spectacular vocabulary which will one day enable me to speak to beings from other planets.
Or not.

3.1.01 (thursday)
Happy March!
Today, I get my 15 minutes of cooking fame. I'm a celebrity chef on! My version of Mark Bittman's Orzo Risotto, aka fabulous faux risotto, (along with 2 other easy & yummy recipes from some other folks) is on the web for all to see. And as only Loobylu can, she's done some wonderful illustrations, and somehow made me look lovely. If only I really looked that good!!

2.28.01 (wednesday)
Vision insurance is a most wonderful thing. My prescription hasn't changed since I started wearing glasses (it's only been 3 or 4 years), but the insurance people are kind enough to let you pick out new frames every couple of years. I just got some fab new ones. Think "cat eye".

it was just what i wanted

2.27.01 (tuesday)
I've been terrible about updating as of late.
Over the weekend I saw a Shark and a Mark. The Shark, Mike Ricci, was sighted at the mall while pushing a stroller. Fortunately Gail was there to verify that it really was him. I had seen him once before, dining at Le Papillon, but none of the diners with me could verify it was him.
The Mark played at the Great American Music Hall on Sunday night. Just the man and his guitar produced a fabulous show.

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