1.13.01 (saturday)
Yes. I changed it ALL around. I thought the site was too cluttered before. Although the B said it looked fine before, and perhaps it was, but I redesigned anyways.

1.12.01 (friday)
I have a cold. It's one of those colds that makes me feel just bad enough to not feel myself, but not quite bad enough to keepme from going to work. A steady intake of ricola has helped keep me feeling somewhat normal. I've been looking at tons of blogs and personal websites today, and it got my brain reeling towards a redesign. Didn't I just redo this thing? ugh. In case you're wondering, that's me and the cat over to the right. Okay, not exactly, but it's about as close as i could get while at stor. Go over there and make your own stor-trooper, it's kinda fun.

1.11.01 (thursday)
never before have i been in the same room with so many geeks. not that it was a bad thing, i consider myself a geek most of the time. it was just sort of, well, strange. i went to macworld yesterday, and it was an interesting experience. The trip to san francisco started out with the worst weather EVER, and fearing we wouldn't actually make it to moscone center. Thank god someone else was driving. Mac world was busy, crowded full of mac faithfuls there to get a glimpse of OS X and the sleek new powerbook. I've been told that mac devotees are a different sort, and i think you need to experience this tradeshow to believe it. And i hope no one takes any offense to that, i don't mean any of this in a detremental way. I've just recently been converted to the mac side of computing, so this is all new to me. the highlight of the day was lunch at a lovely little restaurant called la Mediterranee. i did leave macworld with a few free goodies, and unfortunately, another cold...

1.8.01 (monday)
It's amazing how disconnected I feel when I can't access e-mail or the web. I had a dreamweaver class today, and the server was down, so we were isolated from the world outside, or so it seemed.
When I arrived home I eagerly read all my e-mail that had piled up throughout the day. Reading the saturn list brought some weblog issues to my attention. The general agreement was that one does a weblog for others, and not for themselves. I suppose I have to agree. Even a personal web page, without a weblog...why put a bunch of information about yourself (information that you already know, and don't need to be reminded of) out on display if you don't want other people to see it? I've claimed that I started doing this weblog for myself, and it is sort of true, it's forcing me to keep a sort of journal, which I haven't done in a while. But I suppose I wouldnt put it on the WORLD WIDE WEB if I didn't really want other people to see/read it.

1.7.01 (Sunday)
I've changed some stuff around. I'm still not really sure why I'm doing this. Mainly for myself, I guess. I've always had a personal web page, but this is my first crack at a web log sort of thing. I doubt that many other people will find this page or even come back if they happen upon it but I've decided to accept that fact and just move on.

I met Rocco the cat today. He was hanging around in front of the bait shop in Japantown, which doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, I'm surprised there weren't more cats prowling around the shop.

I made an egg salad sandwich for dinner, which is not terribly interesting at all. The only reason I mention it is because it reminded me of What's Up, Tiger Lily? which involves a recipe for egg salad. If you haven't seen it, go rent it. Even if you don't like Woody Allen movies, go rent it.

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