6.9.01 (satuday)
gerbera daisy marigolds? tomato plant
I fed the pencam some more batteries, and took a few shots out on the patio this afternoon.

now playing: Radar Brothers

6.8.01 (friday)

I haven't been taking many pictures with the pen cam for a couple of reason. One being that the thing eats batteries like they're going out of style. The other reason is that the pictures just aren't that great. While I love the instant gratification part, I have to cope with the poor quality.
I took some pictures last weekend while I was up at my dad's and found some other film that needed developing. I sent a total of 4 rolls to Photoworks. The nice thing about them is that they send me digital files within a few days, and then I get the prints later. Here's a small sample of what came back:

the cat

the cat

lil bro

lil bro

the spot

6.5.01 (tuesday)

Today was mediocre, as far as days go. A midday trek to McDonalds for Hello Kitty happy meals ended in disappointment. They were out of Hello Kitties, which is probably a good thing. Lord knows I need MORE junk in my cube.
The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I did manage to pick up the new Radiohead album. As I headed home, I decided to take the freeway, and as I drove along, something caught my attention...I noticed a giant Richard Scarry cat sitting on top of the Children's Discovery Museum. I think I may have actually squealed outloud when I saw him. It was the last thing I expected to see and it totally made my day.

6.3.01 (sunday)
I drove the car up to my dad's house tonight. He hadn't seen it yet. He really likes it. Of course, he's a VW fan, so I'm not surprised. He told me stories about the 6 that he's owned. It must be that german ancestry that draws us to little german cars.

Not only does my dad have stories of Volkswagen bugs, I'm finding that the majority of people I talk to either still own, or at one time drove a Bug. Two people I work with still have them. My boss had one (bought in Germany!). My Aunt and Uncle had one. B had one. Stepmom had one (named Euripides). Maybe we need a VW Bug tribute page? I bet there's already one out there. I'd try and find it right now, but I'm supposed to be working...

My first FOJM submission is up.

To the right, a stack of flat erics.

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