6.30.01 (saturday)

Dad and RosebudHappy Birthday Dad!
Dad is celebrating with a round of golf today (which really isn't a variation from any other Saturday). I'm celebrating by going to a Giants game with Wonderwoman. But I will go see Dad tomorrow, and I'm bringing his favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. (to the right: Dad and Rosebud that Rat, from a few years ago)

6.29.01 (friday)

red robot!

I should be working, but it's friday. Why not help a robot take over the world?

6.28.01 (thursday)

I know that I paid entirely too much money for lawn seats at Shoreline (most loathed venue in the area) last night, but it was oh so worth it to see Thom Yorke flailing around on stage. It a really great show, despite the terrible venue (it took an hour and a half to get from the Shoreline parking lot back to Sunnyvale. Insane!). But had we not been on the lawn, we would have missed the guy clad in a Pikachu costume. It made me regret that I hadn't tried to sneak a camera in.

6.25.01 (monday)

Lane's portfolio makes me want to run outside with my Pentax 35mm and use that black and white roll of film I've been saving. I so miss being able to print my own photos.

np: Radiohead-Kid A

6.24.01 (sunday)
I have found that I have a knack for accidentally injuring myself. I know, everyone stubs their toe or gets a knick when shaving. I do that stuff too. But with me, it doesn't stop there:

Injury #1: I worked at a place where I had to send out samples of pet food. This involved placing the samples in little boxes, and sealing them up with a tape gun. I became quite adept at using said tape gun, but one day, I somehow managed to hit myself in the forehead with it. No big deal, right? I managed to hit myself in the head with the jagged toothy end that cuts the tape. So For about a week, I had a lovely little cut that looked like the stitches from a lobotomy. Of course everyone asked what had happened, and when I explained, they'd think they knew how I could have done it, but then paused, and looked puzzled again. I'm STILL not sure how I managed that one.

Injury #2: I have a tomato plant, it lives in a pot. It also lived with a large wooden stick in its pot, for support. When I moved, the tomato plant came with me. So I'm out on the back porch, ready to grab the plant and be on my way. I bend down...and gouge my chin on the big 'ol stick that supports the tomato plant. The only explanation I can come up with is that it was dusk, and I couldn't see that well, and I may have been without my glasses. But I think it's mostly due to my own stupidity.

Injury #3: Happened days ago. Sitting at the computer, I had been checking out a CD on the computer, and was taking it out of the cd rom drive. Once I had removed it, I didn't push the little tray back in, and when I went to get up, I slashed my leg on the corner of it. You'd think that wouldn't cause much damage, but my friends, those things have THE sharpest corners I have ever had the misfortune of running in to. There is no ordinary band aid to cover this one up.

On a completely unrelated note, today is Liz's Happy Birthday Liz!

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