3.15.01 (thursday)

As I use the Aiptek pen cam more, I'm discovering something...
What you see when you look through the camera may not be exactly what you get a picture of. I have an example...

This is my cube. Okay, not the whole cube, but the stuff that sits on top of my monitor. I was attemting to take a picture mostly of Olive (she's falling out of the left of the picture). What I ended up taking a picture of was the unintersting calendar that sits next to Olive.

These next 2 were just for fun.

"Cream of Meat" poster
Courtesy of the French Paper Company.

Taking a picture of yourself in the mirror with the pen cam is harder than it might seem. That hand doesn't even look like it belongs to me.

3.13.01 (tuesday)

PBS is a great thing. They air cooking shows most of saturday morning and you can usually find me parked on the couch watching almost all of them. And while some of the recipes may be simple and look delicious, I never usually attempt to write them down. Except this saturday.

PBS was running almost the whole series of one of the italian cooking shows. The host made this interesting chicken and mushroom dish. The official title most likely being, "Chicken Scallopinne with Mushrooms". It was easy enough to remember, and I didn't end up writing it down until the next day. And when I did scrawl it out in my notebook, I had none of the specific memory might be good, but it's not that good.

I'm still not all that comfortable or confident in my cooking skills to attempt to cook without and exact recipe. But last night, I decided I would try cooking Chicken Scallopinne with Mushrooms depsite the fact that I only had a skeleton of a recipe - the ingredients and a rough idea as to what to do with them.

To my surprise, the dish actually turned out pretty good. Good enough that I would consider making it again. I guess all these years of cooking from recipes has taught me enough to create something from a minimal amount of recipe information. I may have to keep pen and paper handy next saturday and see if I can come up with another tasty "recipe" to try.

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