3.30.01 (friday afternoon)

If I were a powerpuff girl....

Make your own powerpuffy likeness here.

Some helpful tips for those of you that might actually go out and do something this weekend. (Sent to me via My Favorite Cousin, with the subject line "Thought this might be useful".)

3.30.01 (friday morning)

There is a rather large tree that lives right infront of my apartment. While I have no objection to trees, this particular tree blocks all the sunlight that might otherwise illuminate my living room during the day.

Every plant I've ever brought home and hoped would survive in the living room has either died or ended up in the bedroom, which gets indirect sunlight almost all day. It's starting to look like a jungle in there.

So I bought a fern a few weeks ago, thinking it would be perfect for the living room because it wouldn't want to bask in the midday sunlight.

I think I was wrong.

It's little feathery leaves are starting to shrivel up and turn brown. I think it just may be too dry in my apartment to keep a fern alive. So, this morning it traded places with the mini palm tree plant that has been living in the bathroom. It doesn't grow, yet it doesn't die, so it can live in the living room for a while. I'm hoping the steam from the shower might hlep revive the poor little fern.

I was complimented on my shoes yesterday. I'd provide a picture of the shoes, but lighting and battery issues prevented the pencam from taking a mediocre picture. So you'll have to imagine - navy blue and white wingtips a la Dr. Marten.

3.25.01 (sunday)

Yellow tulips (believe it or not) from the Japantown farmer's market. As soon as I put them in the vase with some water they started to open up and look less like the traditional tulip, but still very pretty.

Sur la Table was nice enough to exchange a rather large wok (belated Christmas present) for what I had actually wanted. Somehow "4 1/2 quart french oven" was translated to "very large wok". This has happened before though, my Christmas gift request for "blender" translated to "breadmaker". At least they both start with the same letter. I'm still trying to figure out how a french oven became a very large wok.

My mum and "Snake" leave for China today. Have a safe trip!

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