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11.16.01 (friday)

Happy Harry Potter Friday!

11.12.01 (monday)

Musco Family Olive Co. has a logo that just makes me smile.

If your childhood Thanksgiving memories include sneaking into the dining room and stealing black olives and sticking them on your fingers before you ate them, then you understand why this is such a great logo.

11.11.01 (sunday)

Honestly, I wasn't excited about going. It was Sunday, it was somewhat rainy. Curled up under a blanket on the couch was where I wanted to stay. But we were going to see Tori. Mike had planned this for months. It was sort of a belated birthday outing. Just getting 4 seats had been a bit tricky. But getting 4 seats together had been an ordeal. But we managed it. And I had agreed to drive. I couldn't back out now. And I didn't want to disappoint Mike.

So we all piled into the Beetle, and off we went to Oakland. And once we arrived, it didn't seem all that bad. We had a nice dinner at the Marriott, and headed over to the theatre. Once we were nestled into our plush, velour seats, and I was able to stare up at the intricate artwork on the ceiling, I felt glad that I was there. Rufus Wainwright was singing on stage, I was in one of the most interesting theatres I've ever been in, and sitting next to me Mike was eagerly anticipating miss Tori.

Even if she had never graced the stage with her presence, I was happy to be sitting in that seat in the theatre with my friends. Actually seeing Tori Amos play was sort of icing on the cake. She put on an excellent show, and played a couple of older songs, which I appreciated. So even if you don't listen to Tori much anymore, I'd recommend going to see her this time around. It's just her and the piano, "classic" Tori Amos, if you will. And maybe go with the biggest Tori fan you know, because that makes the experience that much more fun.

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