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11.30.01 (friday)

Goodbye George.

I'm flying to Austin at the crack of dawn on Monday morning. While I'm somewhat worried about setting foot on an American Airlines plane, the thing I have been concerend about most of today is whether or not they'll let me take knitting needles on board (not only have I been bit by the Holiday spirit bug, the knitting bug took a bite too). If they won't, I'll have to settle for a good book.

11.29.01 (thursday)

I've been bit by the Holiday Spirt bug...

secret santa!

11.28.01 (wednesday)

cubicle pictures:

fun site for procrastinating at work: orisinal

[found via: My Favorite Cousin]

My favorite game so far is chicken wings.

11.26.01 (monday)

Things I have accomplished today:

1. Hanging pretty blue blinky lights in my cube.
2. Finally getting the missing piece to the dashboard in my car.

Just because I'm at work doesn't mean anything work related actually gets done.

I also had time to make a wintery new background pattern for my desktop:

If you're in need of wintery desktop wallpaper, I took the liberty of placing the file here.

11.25.01 (sunday)

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I helped my mum cook for 13 people, which left little time for photographs. But I managed to get just a few.

And after a week I'm finally over what turned into a bit of a nasty cold. There's just a bit of a cough still hanging on. And wouldn't you know it. Almost completely healthy, just in time to go back to work.

And while I'm thinking of it...

A note to the person in charge of my health during vacations/time off (because it sure as hell isn't me):
Could you please make a note somewhere that I am to be HEALTHY, I repeat, HEALTHY during my next bit of time off. For once, I would actually like to enjoy my vacation/days off, and not wander around with that glazed over cold medication stare, a wad of kleenex in my pocket and ricola breath.

Sincerely and nearly healthy,

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