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10.13.01 (saturday)

I feel it's completely neccessary for me to plug microindie mailorder. They've impressed me. They sent out my order a few hours after I placed it. And they sent me an e-mail to tell me so. And it wasn't one of those form e-mails, it was an e-mail typed up just for me.

Maybe I'm easily impressed? Perhaps. I think I've received enough auto-response e-mails from to know that this was good customer service. So check 'em out. The link once again: microindie mailorder

10.12.01 (friday)

Random junk today:

My Favorite cousin is probably in London, right now. I'm eagerly awaiting an e-mail from her to know she's okay. She'll be keeping contact via internet cafe type things.

I downloaded morpheus last night. I stayed up way too late searching for tunes. It's like napster all over again. I'm going to have to hook up the cd burner now.

I highly recommend the new Death Cab For Cutie cd. Quite good. It's pretty much the only thing I've been listening to the past couple of days. I'm sure Barsuk has a few mp3's on their page somewhere. Check 'em out.

10.11.01 (thursday)

Go out to dinner tonight.
Not only will you get a decent meal, you'll be helping out a bit. Participating restaurants are here.

10.9.01 (tuesday)

What robot are you really?
(found via miss shauny)

Yes I took it. And, no I'm not going to tell you which robot I really am.

Also, happy birthday to megan.

10.07.01 (sunday)

My Favorite Cousin is scheduled to fly to Europe on Thursday. There's a whole range of emotions that could describe how I feel about her getting on a plane. 'Worried as all heck' probably covers a few of them.

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