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10.19.01 (friday)

Eye Spy.

my eye

10.18.01 (thursday)

Busy at work. Tired. Need haircut.

Also craving new music. Any suggestions?

10.15.01 (monday)

Sundays are becoming cooking days. This past sunday I made Pumpkin Molasses Tea Bread (a martha stewart recipe), and it's quite good. Although I have a few notes on it that I'd like to put here. That'll happen in a day or so. I also made my Grandma's cornish game hen recipe with her famous port wine sauce, very yummy. That may eventually find its way here also.

The A's lost the playoffs. I'm somewhat glad it's over. I had grown extremely tired of seeing Derek Jeeter's smarmy face while watching the games.

Miss shauny was explaining the "Phoney Spring" in Australia last week. I think we're having a "phoney fall" here. It was in the high 80's/low 90's all weekend. Today's temperature hovered around the mid-high 80's. It's the middle of October, dammit! And I want to wear a sweater!

A completely unrelated side note: this anthrax thing scares the bejeezus out of me.

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