4.27.01 (friday afternoon)

It's Friday, and it's pretty nice outside. I know for a fact there's a frisbee in my car somewhere, there's a big patch of lawn right outside the building, and I know it's just begging for some frisbee action. Not that the lawn could play frisbee, but you get my point. I would like to be anywhere but here right now.

I've been aimlessly browsing the web for procrastination and work avoidance purposes. I've vistied the following:
Tomato Nation
Swerdloff dot com
Oh messy life
dakota smith
and probably a couple of other sites I can't remember at the moment.

I'm considering crawling under my desk and taking a nap a la george costanza, but I think someone might catch me...

4.27.01 (friday morning)

Boredom breeds close-up shots of random things in my cube.

4.26.01 (thursday)

I finally put a couple of my Director projects back up.

They're both game type projects. The Math Game and Tea Party Shoot Out. Both have music and the math game has silly sounds, so unless you want to annoy everyone else in the room with you, I suggest turning the volume on your computer way down.

4.25.01 (wednesday)

I've been going through books like there's no literary tomorrow. Well, maybe not that fast, but close.

I just finished one and now I'm trying to decide what's next. I'm tempted to try reading Infinite Jest again.

I started reading it years ago. I had these two hour breaks between classes, so I thought, what better time to read a HUGE book. It was interesting. Not just the book, but people's reactions to the book.

Most conversations went like this:
Random friend walking by: "Whatcha readin'?"
Me: "Infinite Jest"
Friend: "Oh, never heard of it." Looks at book, eyes widen. "What class is that for?"

I found it amusing that nobody seemed to think I would read a book with 1000 pages (I don't think that includes the 200 pages of footnotes), by choice. It HAD to be for a class, and if it was they wanted to make sure they didn't end up in it.

I never did finish it during those breaks between classes. I got about 100 pages into it, and hit a slow spot, and never moved on. Eventhough Snake assured me that if I could get past that part, it would get so much better.

I figure that since I'm in "reading mode", I'll try and read it again, from the beginning. This time I'll force myself to get through that slow spot, because I'm sure it's worth it.

4.23.01 (monday)

The past weekend was very family oriented. That's a good thing. I like my family.

Uncle L had a party on Saturday, and I learned how to play "speed scrabble" (aka "crack scrabble"). Just the letter tiles and players. It goes much faster and is much more fun than traditional scrabble. I still got my bum kicked, but it was much more fun than a normal scrabble bum kicking.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Saucy for the first time. Being nearly one and a half, she can't quite say her name yet, so it comes out "Saucy", so that's what we call her. She, of course, was the center of attention. The highlight of the evening being my aunt and Saucy feeding birthday cake frosting to each other a la "just married - cake cutting" style.

Sunday was spent up at Dad's house, for dinner and a family celebration of littlest brothers 11th birthday. Lots of food, and more Weird Al than I'll ever need to hear again. I couldn't get "Yoda" out of my head (sung to the tune of "Lola" by the Kinks).

Also, last week, I entered the digital age and upgraded my analog cell phone to the ugly green cell phone. Well, it was just a digital cell phone unitl today, when I received the ugly green face plate...

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