8.23.01 (thursday)

flip flopsI have a pretty good track record for purchasing at least one pair of shoes every time I go on vacation. My trip to the beach was no exception, yet was far less taxing on my bank account. Mum and I both bought a pair of flip flops. They're actually quite comfortable. I'm the one with the polar bear pajama bottoms.

Now you'd think that was the highlight of my vacation, but the whole week was so great, I can't pin down one excellent happening in favor of another. We saw many great sunsets. We visited the aquarium. We played tennis and scrabble (I kicked some arse!). We wandered down the coast and found sea shells. We barbequed almost every night. We even saw a group of dolphins playing in the surf one morning. After a couple days, Mum and Snake were ready to pick up and move to a condo on the beach. Snake was already trying to figure out how all their stuff would fit into the tiny condo we were calling home for the week.

And now...I'm home. No beach, and no spectacular sunsets but I've got a sunburn (which will be a constant beach vacation reminder for at least a couple more days) and I manged to take a few pictures.

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