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12.29.01 (saturday)

At our annual department Christmas lunch, we do a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up with the little monkey man candle holder thingie to the right. So lovely, I just had to share him.

I'm currently wishing my neighbor's speakers would blow up and cause a bit of damage to her pristine condo. Booming bass and thin walls just do not mix. And my tolerance level is wearing extremely thin as the weeks pass.

Thankfully, I have earphones and a handful of dashboard confessional mp3's to distract me.

Unrelated but noteworthy: Happy Birthday to Turn Records, they turned 2 years old this month.

12.28.01 (friday)

I finished a knitting project on Christmas Day.
And then I was gone for a couple of days, so it has taken a few days for me to say anything about it.

the Ugly Green Scarf

12.25.01 (wednesday)

Advantage (or perhaps disadvantage) to not being able to sleep in the wee hours of christmas morning:
Catching your ll year old brother sneaking down the hallway at 4am to check the loot that Santa brought.

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