1.19.01 (friday)
Usually, when I get to work, one of the first things I do is check My Yahoo page. I can see what the weather is going to be like, get some news headlines., etc This morning was no different, except for the hideousness that fell upon my eyes as I innocently loaded up my Yahoo page. If you also go to yahoo, and happened to have the Reuters photo on there somewhere, you know what I'm talking about....the horribleness I speak of would involve Ricky Martin and George W doing something that somewhat resembles dancing. Click here, if you dare....

1.18.01 (thursday)
Today I found out that My Favorite Cousin likes the Red House Painters, one of my absolute favorite bands. So we've made a deal. I'm going to go see Coldpaly with her, and she's agreed to accompany me to the Red House Painters show. I almost wasn't going to go, and I think I probably would have regretted it. I've been following the band since their very first album, and never had the opportunity to see them live, until this year.

1.17.01 (wednesday)
I added a font to the download section. So now you too can download my handwriting. I'm not all that happy with the font, actually. When I get some more time, I plan on creating a better version. This is me being quite optimistic....if anyone actually uses my silly font for something, let me know? Thanks.
I've just discovered that my favorite college radio station didn't go off the air (it's been nothin' but static since Christmas), which makes me quite happy. I was really missing commercial free college radio fun. Listening to the commercial free jazz station is fine, but isn't quite the same.

1.14.01 (sunday)
I added a download section. At one point I was making lots of cursors and icons, and I still have some hanging around. So go check 'em out.
Ethan was right when he told me What Would the Community Think by Cat Power was better than Moon Pix. He was also right about it taking more listens to apprecite it. He always had goos suggestions and recommendations in regards to music. I was distraught when I found out he was packing up the store and leaving. I've managed to cope, but haven't bought nearly as much music as I used to. Streetlight is pretty good, but they tend to be out of stock on what I'm looking for. Ethan always had what I was looking for, and if he didn't it usually meant it was hard to find (as I found with Kleenex Girl Wonder's Pony Oak album.) I now use InSound for most purchases, but it's just not the same.

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