7.06.01 (friday)

The J.Otto soapbox.

I just discovered tim tams, and now I really wish I lived in Australia. I just might have to get some via mail order.

7.03.01 (tuesday)
waffle sorbet

We had Liz over for birthday dinner last Thursday. We made waffles and ate birthday sorbet.

I keep thinking my boss is going to wander over this way and tell us we can go home early, seeing as how tomorrow is a holiday and all. But it's already 3:30 and she hasn't wandered down this way since lunch. Hmph. BUT the vending machine now has Red Vines, and that makes everything okay.

now playing: cat power-moon pix

7.02.01 (monday)

Make your very own soap box.
(not recommended for standing on, but useful in so many other ways)

7.01.01 (sunday)
This is the meerkat who protects my desk.
He's not nearly as cute as the real thing.

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