7.25.01 (wednesday)

It is officially Wednesday. In about 12 hours I'll be winging my way to Portland, OR. I'm sure I'll have more 'interesting' pictures for you when I get back.

7.24.01 (tuesday night)

You thought I forgot, didn't you?

'Terrific' probably isn't the best word to describe the above photos. I think 'interesting' suits them much better. And that's probably stetching it a bit.

7.24.01 (tuesday)

So. I think last time I left you, I was having a good day. I should have kept my mouth shut or knocked on wood or something.
Last thursday, I was in a car accident (all parties involved are okay, EXCEPT FOR MY CAR). And to top off the days events, my hosting company was having issues and suspended my site.

So the car is now in the shop, and I'm feeling better. I had terrible fears that they would tell me something to the effect of "the frame is bent, it's totalled", but in 2 weeks and $5000 dollars later, I'll have my little beetle back again. Thank god for insurance and $500 deductibles.
And today, I got my site back. The hosting company, who I actually really like despite the whole site suspension thing, was having issues with credit card payments, so I sent a check. On July 9th. By July 19th, they still hadn't received the check. They got it today.
The really annoying part of the whole thing was the "site suspension" e-mails I kept receiving. Everyday. Repeatedly telling me that my site had been suspended, and if I wanted to pay by credit card, I should go into the control panel for my site and edit the information. They really should catch on to the fact that I can't get to the conrol panel because MY SITE IS SUSPENDED. argh.

Really. I'm okay now. I have a new palm pilot. I even have pictures from a couple weekends ago which I'll be posting later today. Right now I should actually do some work, because it's almost lunch time, and I've accomplished nearly nothing so far.

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