6.1.01 (friday)

I'm all moved in. Unpacked and everything. The old apartment is all cleaned up, the keys have been turned in - there's absolutely no reason for me to go back. Now I can relax and enjoy the new place...

And then tonight, in the middle of dinner, I happened to remember that all my silverware is still sitting in a drawer in my old, dinky, postage stamp sized kitchen.

In the words of Homer Simpson, "Doh!"

5.30.01 (wednesday)

jcrew hat jotto purse
I have to brag about my Mum today. She's the best mum in the whole world (not that I have a biased opinion or anything). She stopped by last night because she had my birthday presents...
She bought me two items from my wish list. The J.Crew straw hat AND the j.otto bird purse! I was completely surprised! Both were sort of extravagant, and I honestly never really expected to get them. So thank you oh so very much Mum, you're the best!

5.29.01 (tuesday)

camper soles camper mary janes
I am almost mostly moved. There are things in piles at my old, almost empty apartment. One pile still needs to be moved, another goes to the trash, and the other goes out to the curb. I would take it to the salvation army, but honestly, I don't have time, and it will all disappear in 24 hours if left on the curb (the old couch and mattresses were fine examples). The beauty of living downtown. Maybe "beauty" is the wrong word...

Yesterday, I went shopping with My Favorite Cousin. We're a bad influence on each other. We both bought shoes. I fell in love with a pair of camper mary janes. They're a funky blue grey color and they have fish on the bottom! I received a compliment on them 10 minutes after I had been wearing them which validated the whole purchase that much more.

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