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10.31.01 (wednesday)

Happy Halloween!

How not to celebrate your One Year Anniversary at your current job:

Attempt to erase a zip disk and accidentally erase the entire contents of a volume on your Mac which contains all of the stuff you've been working on for the past month or so.

I'm not one who normally uses many expletives, but after I did that, they were flying out of my mouth like bats out of hell.

10.28.01 (sunday)

Here's a not-so-short synopsis of last week:

  • Monday: receive a vague notice about a department announcement at work. A* and I make plans to update our resumes and wait in the unemployment line on Tuesday.

  • Monday afternoon: find out that I still have a job, and that the vague announcement is about a reorganization. A and I have been hit hardest, not only do we have a new director (less impactful), we have a new manager (very impactful) - we are not happy campers.

  • Tuesday: spend most of morning in meetings about reorganization. Spend rest of day frantic, trying to get project comps out for approval.

  • Tuesday night: nightmares about project comps.

  • Wednesday: get approval on comps and do best to get artwork to printer. BUT need to buy stock photography. Wrench in plan. Manage to send out some of the files.

  • Wednesday night: more work nightmares involoving aforementioned project and buying stock photography.

  • Thursday: more frantic work on project and other annoying non-project related things. Can't these people see I'm TRYING to meet a deadline!?

  • Thursday night: drive across town to pick up some paperwork for Mum. She now owes me breakfast on Saturday morning. Am officially too tired to have nightmares about work.

  • Friday: less frantic, and project has finally been completed. One last trip to Fed-Ex (becasue we missed the 4pm pick-up at work) and it's the weekend.

  • Saturday: breakfast and shopping with mum.

  • Saturday night: After playing yahoo pool so much, actually trying to play a real game of pool on a real pool table. I actually didn't do that bad.

  • Sunday: a trip to the farmers market and puppy sitting

I was going to write something vague like "let's just say I've been busy". But I thought last week deserved a bit more explanation than that.

*A is my partner in crime at work (she's the head honcho of graphic design)

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