ARCHIVE (week of April 7, 2002)

APRIL 10, 2002 Wednesday Afternoon

If you've ever taken a photography class (or maybe even if you haven't), you know that sometimes it takes 3 rolls of film to get just a few good shots.

APRIL 10, 2002 Wednesday
I had been hoping that work would have some reason to send me to Austin during the week of SXSW, but no such luck. I get to go next week. And from what I can tell, there's almost nothing going on. Of course, I've only checked If anyone knows of something happening or of a better resource for event type things in Austin, please let me know. As nice as the hotel is, spending every evening there is not that appealing.

APRIL 9, 2002 Tuesday

Before the whole jacket incident, I had spent most of the weekend gardening.

APRIL 8, 2002 Monday

I SHOULD be working, but I feel this uncontrollable urge to put down in writing the sad fact that I get hopelessly attached to silly material things. For instance, a jacket.

But not just any jacket, the perfect jacket. The jacket you've been looking for since, oh I don't know, forever. It's the style you want, the color you want, and it fits nice and it's the perfect jacket for spring and summer. You adore the jacket. For the week and a half you've had it, it has become an integral part of your wardrobe.

So imagine, since I've become attached to this fabulous jacket, how I might react when I splatter bleach on it sunday night while doing laundry.

We're talking tears. Rivers of salty tears. And as I look back on last night, I feel stupid. One, for crying about a jacket and two, the fact that I was wearing the jacket while putting the whites into the dryer (in case you're wondering, I had just washed the jacket and it had come out of the dryer, so I had tried it on, to make sure it still fit okay, I don't normally wear a jacket while doing laundry).

I feel extremely silly for getting so worked up about it. I know I shouldn't get so attached to material things. I am, however, comforted by the fact that the store still has the jacket in my size and has one on hold which I will go retrieve on my lunch break.

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