ARCHIVE (week of April 21, 2002)

APRIL 25, 2002 Thursday

My littlest brother turned 12 on April 20th. I had inside information about his birthday gifts, he was getting a Nintendo game cube, and the step-mom knew there was a game he wanted...but she couldn't remember the name of it. I figured my best bet as a birthday gift would be a Toys R Us gift card (I decided this year I would not go all over town searching for weird al albums).

So I go to Toys R Us and get the gift card. This takes almost no effort on my part. And the gift card comes in this cheesy fold up envelope thing. So...I decided I would re-package the gift card in something more interesting.

Something more interesting = SpongeBob


I modified it slightly so that the gift card was hanging out of his mouth, but failed to take any pictures of that.

I fear that my efforts were lost in the excitement of the game cube. I handed him SpongeBob gift card pants, and he politely said thanks, and went on playing his game. But that's least my dad and stepmom were impressed.

APRIL 23, 2002 Tuesday

When I left the hotel room on Tuesday morning (last tuesday, I'm a little behind), I knew by the time I returned, the housekeeping faeries would wave their magic wand and I'd have a clean room.

I however, did not expect to find this on the bed:

towel bunny

Housekeeping at the Austin Marriott apparently has a sense of humor and are fairly talented in the area of towel sculpture. I burst out laughing when I returned to my room that night. They even made one on Wednesday, and added a note that said "Have a nice day".

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