ARCHIVE (week of April 28, 2002)

APRIL 30, 2002 Tuesday

I was going to post my digital likeness as the Drunk Mermaid Chef in Florence (created via the mini mixer - which was found while visting miss ljc), but I've decided against it.

It's time for an ice cream run, and as far as I'm concerned, ice cream wins out over displaying my silly self in lego figure form.

APRIL 28, 2002 Sunday

The little brother is graduating from UC Berkeley next month and I just can't help but tell everyone. I'm so damn proud of him. He's graduating with a bachelors in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Neurobiology. Whew.

So of course we're throwing a little party for him. I made the following insert that mum's mailing out with the announcements...

grad party invite

That's the life sciences building in the background (where the brother has spent a lot of time in the past couple of years), it may not be all that visible from the scan. I printed the invites on some leftover parchment paper I found at work, which added a sort of collegiate touch.

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