(week of february 10, 2002)

February 15, 2002 Friday

I made "the Martha pie"...

My pie wasn't as meringue-y as Marthas, but I'm sure it tasted just as good.
I'm not a big fan of monster high meringue anyways.

February 14, 2002 Thursday

Happy Valentine's Day

I thought I had something else to say, but I can't for the life of me remember what it might have been. I was probably going to rant and rave about how today is just a Hallmark holiday, and I think it sometimes get blown all out of proportion. But as usual, I'll save you my angry words, and just wish that you all have a lovely day.

February 11, 2002 Monday

Two things you will almost absolutley never hear me say:

#1: I'm wearing too much/not enough hair product
(product being hairspray, gel, pomade, you get the idea).

#2: I'm wearing too much/not enough make-up.
I refuse to wear the stuff. Makes me feel like I've got a mask on.

And then, the other day, while talking to WonderWoman on AIM (which is now not working for me at work. I'm very annoyed.), I actually typed the follwoing words: "I didn't put enough pomade in my bangs this morning."

The temperature in hell probably dropped a couple of degrees right after I sent that little message.

The things we do in order to grow out our bangs.
Well, at least this is what I'm dealing with.

February 10, 2002 Sunday

This would be the part where I explain that last week was the week from hell (all work related issues). I barely had time to breathe, let alone post anything here. Hopefully things will get back to normal this week.

AND I splurged and bought a Lomo. So once the film is developed, I can dazzle you with lomo-rific images of uninteresting things.

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