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JULY 20, 2002 • Saturday

magic sorbet

The magic sorbet pictured above is, sadly, not as magical as you might think. It was one of those spontaneous purchases. It caught my eye as I wandered about the store looking for something else. So I bought some. I like sorbet, I like lemon flavored things and it's MAGIC. What a fabulous combination!

So last night, I actually ate some of the magic sorbet. There's a reason it only cost $1.50. It tasted vaguely like frozen apple juice. No trace of lemon what so ever. And the texture was not sorbet like at all. It was also reminiscent of frozen concentrated apple juice.

I was somewhat disappointed, but have since found other things to be disappointed in and the magic sorbet is just a distant memory.

JULY 19, 2002 • Friday

I use Amazon a lot to look up stuff. Especially if I'm linking to music or books and such. So, I think Amazon Light totally rocks. It's the same Amazon search, but without all the random amazon stuff I never read.
link found via: mockerybird

JULY 18, 2002 • Thursday

Two stupid things I have done in the past couple of weeks:

#1. I bought a copy of a CD I already have. The CD in question? The Lemonheads 'It's a Shame About Ray'. I had bought a copy years ago. But as my CD collection has grown, it has become unalphabetized and lives in 3 different places in the house. So when I took a quick look to see if I had the CD in question, and could not find it, I ordered a copy from Then, a few days ago, while looking for another CD, I ran across the first copy of the Lemonheads CD. I don't feel that dumb. I only paid about $3 for the second copy.

#2. I lost my badge at work (must have badge to enter building). Although, lost really isn't the correct word. Before Tuesday of this week, I had only lost my badge twice in almost two years. But one time it was actually found and returned to me, so I guess it doesn't count. Anyhow, on Tuesday my badge disappeared. I searched all the places I thought it might have been to no avail. It was completely gone. In the hope that someone would find it and return it, I waited until this morning to get a new badge. After lunch, I'm sitting in my cube, talking to Maria, and I mention that I lost my badge, and she says, "Really? There's one stuck to the chair I'm sitting in." Really? Whose badge? She gets out of the chair, and in the space between the plastic back of the chair and the cushion is my old badge. It had been stuck there since Tuesday. But I actually don't feel that silly. The picture on the new badge turned out much better.

JULY 17, 2002 • Wednesday

I could tell you that I've been terribly busy and no time to update! It would be almost mostly true (we seem to be short on designers at work). I could also tell you that I'm sad because A got a new job and I no longer have a daily partner in crime, so I'm just not in the mood to update. That would be somewhat true as well.

The reality? My life just isn't that interesting, which makes for fairly poor journal entries. But thank you for reading anyways. I'm hoping things will pick up soon.

Oh, and Happy Birthday wishes to the step-dad.

JULY 14, 2002 • Sunday

blueberry cobbler

Sunday has become cooking day. I pick out a recipe or two that I wouldn't normally have the time to devote to during the week and spend most of the afternoon in the kitchen mixing, chopping, marinating, etc.

This Sunday's menu included Salad Niçoise with Grilled Ahi Tuna and Blueberry Cobbler with Ginger Biscuit Topping. I spent roughly two and a half hours in the kitchen.

I'm pretty worn out and my feet may hurt a bit, but I loved every minute of it.

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