ARCHIVE (week of June 9, 2002)

JUNE 16, 2002 Sunday

I have to take a moment to whine...

The boy had a cold, one that hung on for dear life. It lasted about 10 days...he just got over it. And how do I ensure that I catch said cold? After he tells me that he finally feels better, that he's over it, what do I say? "It's a good thing I didn't catch it".

My Walgreens shopping list today was as follows: airborne and ricola (the kind with echinacea)
Lunch: a fruit smoothie from Jamba juice with an "immunity boost"

I'm desperately trying to fight it off, but I think it's too late. The sore throat is a not so pleasant indication. What timing. I leave for Ashland in less than a week, and I'll be recovering from a cold. What fun!

I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, it is almost guaranteed to be at the most inoppertune time.

JUNE 15, 2002 Saturday

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Cousin!

JUNE 14, 2002 Friday

While I am thrilled that it is finally Friday, I'm already on edge because I know half my weekend (Sunday, specifically) will be spent in the car, driving in a giant loop around the bay area.

I opened my big mouth and mentioned that I could pick up the Little Brother in Berkeley on my way back from brunch in Tiburon with the Mum, Stepdad and out of town relatives.

With the brother in tow, we will pick up the boy back at home and head half way over to Santa Cruz for Father's Day dinner. Then we head back down the hill to Fremont so the brother can catch BART back to Berkeley.

Did you catch all that? I start in San Jose and drive to San Francisco, then on to Berkeley. From Berkeley back to San Jose, and then on to the Santa Cruz mountains. From the mountains to Fremont, and then finally back to San Jose. Whew.

The whorthwhile part? Seeing a good portion of my immediate family all in one day. Oh, and free food.

JUNE 12, 2002 Wednesday

Things I might consider doing someday but probably won't:
(a.k.a. - seeds of ideas planted in my head from reading too many books about food)

brush up on my French (mais oui!)

buy old house in France, live there for a year while making the house liveable (a year in provence, anyone?)

quit job and beg for work at local upscale restaurant, to learn how to REALLY cook

catering (can fall back on this if no restaurant will hire me, which is entirely possible)

restaurant critic (the ideal job, if only I could write)

they may be pipe dreams, but at least I've written them down. I read somewhere that if you write something down, there's a better chance of it actually happening...

I'm not holding my breath.

JUNE 11, 2002 Tuesday

tomato with a tail

I had figured the big tomato plant (which is now almost as tall as myself) would be the first to start producing tomatoes, but the smaller plant beat it to the punch. It has 6-8 tomatoes, one of which has an apendage. The boy thinks it looks like a nose. I think it looks like a little tail.

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