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JUNE 26, 2002 Wednesday

I can't take credit for this being my own brilliant idea (I think I saw someone do it on a cooking show), but it's good enough to share...

Tonight while making a marinade for some grilled shrimp, I needed minced garlic. Not a difficult task, but to get the garlic really finely minced, it can take a while, and it all starts sticking to the knife, which doesn't make things any easier. So I decided to use my microplane grater (normally used for lemon zest or grating whole nutmeg). It worked fabulous, but garlic cloves are rather small, so be careful not to grate your fingers. I also tried it on fresh ginger and it worked just as well.

JUNE 24, 2002 Monday

Turntable Bay Road

My trip to Oregon (Medford & Ashland), in list form:

CD's listened to: 17

Bathroom/Fuel breaks: 4

Road trip Survival foods:
Altoids Tangerine Sours
Abba Zabba
Red Vines
Jelly Belly Sour Jelly Beans

Out of State License Plates:
Oregon (of course)
South Dakota

Food Themed Personalized License Plates:
GRAVY (on a black VW Jetta)
TACO (on a corvette)

Number of Rude People Whose Cell Phones Went Off During Various Performances: 3
(despite the fact that they remind you to do so before EVERY play)

Time It Takes for a Bug to Splatter Itself Across the Windshield After You've Just Washed It: 2 minutes

Cheesy Cabaret Shows Attended: 1
(tolerable due to cute singing boys)

Fabulous Meals Paid For or Prepared By Our Lovely Hosts: 5

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