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JULY 5, 2002 Friday

red tomatoes

Last year the birds ate most of our tomatoes right off the vine. This year, we have a plan to keep them away. If it works, we should have a nice tomato turn out.

JULY 4, 2002 Thursday Night

Things I would have taken pictures of had I actually remembered to bring a camera to the A's Game:

the sea of heads adorned with the red and blue caps (handed out to those who arrived early)

the guy in the row in front of us who had a peanut sitting on his shoulder during the first 3 innnings (maybe he was saving it for later?)

the guy wearing an A's Kipa (he was sitting next to the peanut guy)

the guy with the afro who had stuck american flags in his hair (he was walking around trying to get the crowd to make some noise - it kind of worked)

JULY 4, 2002 Thursday

Happy 4th to all.

JULY 1, 2002 Monday

It's not a tragedy, in fact, it's an opportunity. At least that's how I'm trying to look at it, but this little place called denial has become awfully comfortable.

My design partner in crime, the shoulder I lean on at work...she's leaving me. After wednesday there will be no more A in the cube across from me. No one to go to the brake room with me to get water and tea. No one to say 'bless you' to after they sneeze two times in a row (when I did that today she exclaimed, "now who will know my sneezes!?").

I understand why she's leaving. I was in the same situation almost 2 years ago when I left my job of 5 years for my current job. It was hard, and it was sad, and part of me didn't want to break up the little family we had become, but I had to move on. And now, A has to move on.

People act as if she's dropping off the face of the earth. Like she'll be gone forever. She'll have a phone at her new job, she'll need someone to have lunch with on occassion. I know we'll see her again. And that's slightly comforting.

The opportunity? I suppose I might end up with some of the high profile design projects that she used to work on. Which would be nice, and might garner a little recognition.

I might not be happy about it, but I understand why she's leaving. And you know, I could leave too. But I think I'll stick it out for a while and see what happens.

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