(week of march 10, 2002)

March 14, 2002 Thursday

I redesigned most of the site in CSS. I bought a book to help me learn, and it didn't end up being much help. I have almost no clue what I did, but I somehow made things work, and for now, that's good enough for me.

March 11, 2002 Monday

I'm somewhat afraid to update right now. Things with my host have been a little screwey. Things dissapear as soon as I think they've been saved. It's somewhat distressing.


Here are some food related things I feel you should know about:
Nigella Bites
I caught this on the E channel one saturday. She reminds me of Jamie Oliver, but female, and probably a couple years older and she doesn't say "whack it in the oven". Nigella kind of throws things together, but they end up looking and sounding pretty tasty.

Off the Shelf by Donna Hay
Not only is the photography abslutely lovely, the recipes sound pretty tasty too. So far I've only made the Cinnamon Rice Porridge, but I intend to make so much more.

Oh, and have I mentioned my complete and utter adoration for the mini?

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