ARCHIVE (week of March 17. 2002)

MARCH 22, 2002 Friday Night came through for me.
When I asked the driver if he found the place okay, he said "Let's say that I found it and leave it at that". I may have to do something about the whole mailing address/delivery address situation, but other than that, no problems.

He did however inadvertently give us some fruit. Not only do I now have toilet paper and paper towels, I aslo have a cantelope, raspberries, and a couple avocados. I thought he might come back for them, but it's been a couple hours, so I figure I got free fruit.

They also gave me a little gift pack because it was my first time using coffee and biscotti, very nice.

MARCH 22, 2002 Friday

To assume that one likes to shop for groceries just because they like to cook would be wrong. I loathe grocery shopping.

Well, maybe loathe is a bit strong. I don't mind shopping for food so much. I like going to the butcher counter to pick out exactly what I want, and finding the perfect potatoes in the veggie aisle. It's shopping for dry goods that I detest. Shopping for toilet paper is not on my list of fun things to do.

Since I'm one of the few people who does not have a costco card and the little quasi gourmet store down the street is a tad pricey, the loathesome shopping is done at Safeway. I don't like going to Safeway. The lines are long and there's too many people. Buying toilet paper is bad enough, but waiting in line for half an hour to buy it is truly too much for me to handle.

So I'm giving a try. They just started doing the delivery thing. I never did use webvan, but I thought I might try this out, and see if I could avoid physically leaving the house to buy the necessary paper goods.

Between 6 and 8pm tonight I should be receiving toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and other mundane grocery goodies. The only problem I forsee is them actually finding where I live. If UPS has trouble, I have little hope in drivers. But we'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted...

MARCH 21, 2002 Thursday


She made a nest in the tree right outside our yard. I didn't think hummingbirds stopped fluttering their little wings long enough to stop for anything. But there she was, in her little nest, sitting so proud. She almost looks fake, doesn't she?

MARCH 20, 2002 Wednesday

I think I've done it. I've redesigned ever so slightly, and it should look pretty okay in almost any browser. yay.

And so I ask you, is it wrong to find the Miriam-Webster pronunciation guy so amsuing?

After watching Greenfingers the other night, and then reading the Ebert review, I decided to look up the word 'twee'.

I've heard it used to describe music before, but nothing else. And the definition made complete sense (for the movie and the music). But the miriam webster pronunciation guy had me in stitches when I clicked the little button to have him pronounce the word. There's something about the way he pronounces things - I think it's the inflections in his voice. I couldn't stop laughing.

It may be strange, but now I know what to do when I need a giggle to brighten a dull day.

MARCH 17, 2002 Sunday

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all.

Lisel was nice enough to point out that my new CSS design doesn't work in Netscape. I tend to restrict my world to IE on the PC when I'm changing stuff around. I forget that there's IE for the mac, Netscape for mac and PC, and I know at least a couple other browsers out there. So if this site has all of a sudden gone totally pear shaped on you, then I apologize. Excuses are as follows: my lack of skills in CSS and neglect for other browsers.

Eventually, I'll do something about it.

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