ARCHIVE (week of March 24. 2002)

MARCH 29, 2002 Friday

More Easter fun: a bunny and a cursor
(found via the stepdad)

Tonight I get to see my cat, and I'm going to dye some easter eggs. I'm so very glad it's friday.

MARCH 28, 2002 Thursday

Easter fun.
I used Megan's idea for tiny pinatas to make little pinata bunnies.


I gave one to Miss A this morning and one to Miss M. They adored their bunnies...they didn't want to break them open! I've made one for the littlest brother, who I'm sure will enjoy the fact that he has to break something to get to what's inside.

Here's a couple more pictures:

MARCH 27, 2002 Wednesday

I have nothing to do.
Seriously, nothing. And it has nothing to do with procrastination. I've finished everything I was supposed to do. So I'm sitting here, in my cube with my headphones on, eating too much easter candy. Somebody help. I did nearly the same thing yesterday, minus the candy.

Despite the mind numbing boredom, I'm excited. I'm going to Chez Panisse in April! I never thought I'd get to go there. But the reservations are in place, and a month should give me enough time to save up so I can actually pay for my meal. But it'll be completely worth it.

MARCH 26, 2002 Tuesday night



MARCH 26, 2002 Tuesday

On this dull Tuesday morning, a glimmer of hope.

I wish they didn't have to move the Musee at all. I love it right where it is. It's one of the reasons I really liked living at what sometimes seemed the edge of the world (well actually, it was just the edge of san francisco, but you get my point).

MARCH 25, 2002 Monday

The hummingbird I mentioned last week? I was actually worried about her for a few days. She hadn't been in the nest and it was too high up for me to see if there were still eggs in it. And then on Saturday morning as I was running off to the plant and garden show, I happened to notice two tiny little beaks peeking out from the edge of the nest. They hatched! I even saw papa hummingbird flying about keeping an eye on his little ones. I've got a little hummingbird family living right outside my gate.

I'd take pictures, but I'm too short to get a shot of what's in the nest, and I don't want to disturb them.

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