ARCHIVE (week of March 31, 2002)

APRIL 6, 2002 Saturday

There are approximately 1500 ladybugs crawling around the yard RIGHT NOW. More gardening updates to come. And maybe even some pictures...

APRIL 4, 2002 Thursday

Part of me knows it would not be the smartest thing I could do right now. And part of me really really thinks it would be much more interesting than anything going on currently in my life.

I'd like to run away to Enlgand. But that's not all. I'd collect unemployment and cement my arse to a barstool at the local pub and adopt Harp lager as my dietary mainstay once I get there. Not that this is really more interesting than my life now, but it would all occur in England which inherently makes it fascinating.

I'm reading a year in provence, and it's making moving to another country seem appealing. I've always wanted to go to England, but this book has planted a little seed in my brain, which is slowly growing... Moving to England isn't that far fetched of an idea. I know I'd have to find a job (it's not like my debt would just drown in the ocean as I cross the Atlantic), and as much as I like Harp lager, I don't think my liver could handle it. Sitting in the pub all day? Probably couldn't do that either. As pale as I am, I still like to spend a little bit of time in the sun on occasion.

So for now, I'll settle for the pub down the street for my lager cravings, a diet which includes the 5 food groups (most of the time), and I'll keep my job, because really, it's not that bad.

APRIL 3, 2002 Wednesday

Chuck Taylor saved my sole.

Okay, it wasn't really my sole, it was impending blister doom on my pinky toes. For some reason, this morning I decided to wear a pair of shoes I hadn't worn in months. A pair of shoes it had taken me a couple of weeks to break in when I got them. As a result, by about 10 am this morning, I was running around work in my bare feet. It was far too painful to keep the shoes on.

Around lunch time, I remembered that I had my ratty old maroon Converse low tops in the trunk of the car. Hallelujah. I ran downstairs to the car, in the shoes from hell, kicked them off and quickly laced up my tennies. The rest of the day my feet were in comfort.

I would have to say that one of the smartest things I've done so far this year was put those old converse in the trunk of my car. Special thanks to Chuck Taylor for making such lovely tennies.

APRIL 2, 2002 Tuesday

Things I have discovered today:

Sadly, this seems to be the extent of today's discoveries.

APRIL 1, 2002 Monday


Because none of the Easter brunch pictures turned out all that great, you get a picture of Oreo.

the view

I'll throw this one in too. Also taken on Easter day, but has nothing to do with the Easter festivities.

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