ARCHIVE (week of May 5, 2002)

MAY 10, 2002 Friday

Life is like a Sprint commercial, sort of...

What I said: Remind me that I have blank CD's for you.

What he heard: Remind me I have the twin cities for you.

Maybe you had to be there...

MAY 7, 2002 Tuesday

Despite my best intentions, this week has turned into the ugly green food blog. Not that anything I've made has been ugly and green, but you get the idea...

So I made some kick ass chicken salad tonight. I used chicken leftover from Sunday's roasted chicken and this recipe (I made one addition - lemon zest). It turned out quite yummy. It was almost as good as the chicken salad I used to get at the tiny cafe across the street from SJSU (which is sadly no longer there). And let me tell you, they made a bitchin' chicken salad sandwich.

MAY 5, 2002 Sunday Happy Cinco de Maio

When I was in Austin last month, I had my first Sonic experience which has led to my addiction to Diet Cherry Limeade.

When I returned home, I used the "Sonic Locator" to find a Sonic near me, and after finding that Clovis is the closest place I could obtain my beloved cherry limeade, I figured I wouldn't have another til my next Austin trip.

And then it occured to me today...maybe someone put the recipe online. Sure enough, somebody did.

So after a quick trip to the liquor store, here I am, typing away, and sipping a cherry lime-ade. Ain't the internet grand?

Side note: I ended up using a combination of the recipe linked above, and this one. Cherry juice was harder to find than I thought, but grenadine seems to work just fiiine.

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