ARCHIVE (week of May 12, 2002)

MAY 17, 2002 Friday

This weekend's plans are as follows:

TONIGHT: Nothing yet, but it's only 11am. I'm keeping hope alive. If no plans are made, I'll end up watching the new SpongeBob episode on Nickelodeon. Which, really, isn't so bad.

SATURDAY: Pre-brithday dinner at La Fondue with the favorite cousin and the boy.

SUNDAY Morning: Pre-brithday brunch with mum, snake, and the boy (possibly lil bro, pending studying for finals).

SUNDAY afternoon: Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation with the favorite cousin.

I think this will be the best pre-birthday weekend yet. Although nothing can top last years pre-birthday beetle purchase.

MAY 15, 2002 Wednesday

The best doodles happen at the worst meetings.
(and by worst, I mean most insanely boring)

crows and coffee

MAY 13, 2002 Monday Night, 10:15pm

You would think that after living in California for nearly 27 years, that I'd be used to earthquakes by now.

You'd be wrong. And no, I don't run around the house screaming hysterically. I know the ground isn't going to rip apart and swallow me into a giant gaping hole (I've never seen that happen, so I could be entirely wrong, but I hope not). But earthquakes still freak me out. They're not like hurricanes and tornadoes, you can kind of tell when those are gonna hit. Earthquakes are unpredicatable. One just happened 5 minutes ago. And all of the following ran through my head: Where is the strongest point in the house? They always taught us in school to stand in doorways...but there's 2 more floors above me, the doorway into the bathroom upstairs isn't going to protect me from much... maybe I should run downstairs and stand in the front doorway, which is next to a big panel of glass...that's probably not a good idea...

And it's a bit surreal to hear the announcers for the hockey game on TV say, "And we're having an earthquake right now!" while I'm standing upstairs wondering if crawling under my desk might be my best option. And then as sudden as its started, its stopped.

I crawled into bed just after 10, because I was exhausted, and now here I sit, writing about earthquakes because I'm a little, for lack of a better term, shook up. If I'm not used to them by now, I probably never will be. But that's okay, at least I kind of know what to do when the ground starts shakin'...

MAY 13, 2002 Monday

Adventures in Gardening:

Remember the tomato plant I took a photo of a few weeks ago? April 7th to be exact...Here's a picture to refresh your memory:


Well, this is what it looks like as of May 11th:


A large pot really does make a difference. The tomato plant is now officially huge. We're hoping this years "crop" turns out even better than last years.

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