ARCHIVE (week of May 23, 2002)

MAY 31, 2002 Friday

I just read about Megnut's trip to the French Laundry and now I'm thinking I should start a Fancy Restaurant Fund. I reluctantly backed out of my plans to go to Chez Panisse due to lack of funds, so actually putting some money aside just for a fine dining experience seems like it might be worth while.

Of course, now I'm picturing myself hauling the food fund to Nordstrom to buy nice shoes.

MAY 29, 2002 Wednesday

two berber daisies

The task at hand: come up with something for dinner.

A relatively easy task, no? But I'm tired. Work has been unpleasant yesterday and part of today. Right now, figuring out something to eat is going to be extremely difficult, expecially if I have to do any cooking. I'm just NOT in the mood.

The easy way out? I think a trip to the taqueria is in order. Not only do they have food, they have margaritas.

Problem solved!
Hopefully the boy is in the mood for some mexican food.

MAY 27, 2002 Monday

UCB grad program cover

My little brother graduated from Berkeley on Friday night and I'm just so terribly proud of him. The ceremony was probably the longest 2 and half hours of my life so far, but I'm glad I was there.

Here's the scene. The Molecular and Cell Biology majors had the pleasure of graduating Friday night, which is all fine and dandy. Due to a number of factors I won't bother you with now, it was decided that friday night after the grauation would be the best time for dinner in my brother's honor for a dozen people at my Mom's house in San Francisco. We figured it'd be a late dinner, around 9:30ish or so.

While we wanted to see my brother walk across the stage and claim the stand-in diploma and get his picture taken, we had hoped it would happen sooner, rather than later. This meant we could leave and rush back home to take appetizers out of the fridge and get dinner in the oven before everyone else arrived.

Wouldn't you know, my brother is probably the 6th from last guy to walk across stage and get his fake diploma. We cheered him on, I snapped a couple of pictures and then ran out of the greek theater and through the Berkeley campus and still missed the last direct train back to San Francisco.

Dinner was served around 11:30pm and the last guests left around 4am. The food was fabulous and the company was miraculously mostly awake (the littlest brother did zonk out right before dinner). It almost seems that much more special to know that your family would stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning just to celebrate your achievement. I hope he realizes how damn proud of him we all are.

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