Whitney is a native Californian who's been obsessed with England (and all things English) for as long as she can remember. After finally visiting in 2013, it was confirmed that she really does like England. A lot. At one time she wanted to be a chef, but followed her love of art and design and spent most of college drawing and painting her way to a degree in art. That degree actually gets put to use at her 9-to-5 gig as a graphic designer. She currently lives near the beach with a bunch of boys (a husband and a pair of matching boy cats), an excessive amount of pie plates, and a shoe collection that may soon take over the house. She firmly believes that really good french fries NEVER need ketchup.

The Ugly Green Chair: a web site and an actual chair.

The chair almost met its maker at the dump, but in the true spirit of "one person's junk is another person's treasure", we took it in and gave it a home. The 'ugly green' refers to the color of the chair's upholstery (a strange faux satin-y material, in pale green). Despite how this sounds, we're actually quite fond of 'ugly green'.

Whitney has had some sort of presence on the interwebs since 1995, but this little web site has been around since January 2001. It started out as mostly text, and evolved into the photo journal sort of thing it is now. All the photos were taken by Whitney, unless otherwise noted.

Tools we currently use for photos: Canon 5D Mark II DSLR and an iPhone 8 Plus with various camera apps (Instagram, Halide, and Manual are some of our favorites).

The current background pattern was found on Subtle Patterns. The 'blog' portion of the site is powered by Movable Type. The design and layout were done by Whitney and are the result of many years of trial and error learning HTML and CSS. It is by no means perfect, but it works for right now, and we're okay with that.

The Ugly Green Chair has been ad free since the start, and the only exception we've made is signing up for Amazon Associates. If we link to something on Amazon and you click through and then buy something, we receive a tiny percentage of that. It isn't much, but it helps cover hosting costs. Also, anything we review here, we've done of our own volition. And if we were getting some sort of perk for reviewing something, we'd be sure to let you know.

We like e-mail (though we're not great at replying to it). You can send some to whitneybee (at) gmail (dot) com.



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